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Biomechanical tests

Suitable for: Runners, Triathletes and those athletes for which running form and injury avoidance is important.

About your biomechanical assessment

Gait analysis uses a 3D motion capture system which accurately measures your body’s movements in a laboratory setting.

It can help us to provide you with a detailed understanding of the technique you use with accuracy and clarity that is not possible with a video camera alone.

This analysis will help us to inform you how you move, whether it is the most effective technique, and to identify possible risks for injury if they exist.


You will be prepared with a number of adhesive markers which are applied to your limbs and recorded by our system.



Whilst you run at training and competition speed on our laboratory treadmill, we scientifically measure the movement.


We will remove the markers and have a 5-10 minute de-brief. You will be provided with your analysis report typically within the week.

What measurements do we include in your report?

Test Duration: 1 hour (30-minutes for marker application; 10-minute warm up; 5 minutes)

The gait analysis will use a 3D motion capture system to interpret running technique and movement patterns. Specifically, it will provide you with information including:
  • Step and stride length
  • Stride frequency
  • Stance and swing time
  • Joint movements of the ankle, knee and hip joints including
  • Internal and external rotation of the hip
  • Foot progression angle
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Pelvic obliquity 2-minute race pace – Part 1
  • 2-minute race pace – Part 2
  • Post-test chat, report content breakdown and removal of markers

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Our fees

You will be directed to the payments page once you have completed the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and health screen form. 

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Biomechanical assessment


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