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Sport Analysis and

Performance Service

Welcome to your athletic performance.


A personalised and tailored range of testing and consultancy services to help professional athletes achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. Discover our offerings and fill out an application form today.


Our sport services are an opportunity for Athletes, Sports people, Clubs, Governing Bodies and Employers/Organisations to access the specialist skills and knowledge of leading Sport Scientists.


Leading academics in the fields of Biomechanics, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Coaching science, who can help you, the athlete or organisation, to get the most out of your sport and exercise.

Specialising in two core services

The two areas consist of physiological tests (including running and cycling analysis) and biomechanical tests.

  • Physiology tests

  • Analysis of blood lactate response to exercise intensity and the evaluation of ‘maximal oxygen uptake’.
  • Identifies effective training intensities to maximise aerobic and anaerobic performance.
  • Results used as a monitoring tool to track training enhancements or as a design tool to optimise training.
  • Comprehensive report provided, detailing findings and advice.
  • Biomechanical tests

  • 3D motion analysis of running gait.

  • Identifies asymmetry of movement and characteristics of the client’s technique that are sub-optimal.

  • Consultant provides advice on increased injury risk or alternative methods and approaches for effective training.

  • Comprehensive report provided, detailing findings and advice.

The Programme

Use our pages, to book an analysis for you (individual booking) or your team/organisation (group booking), or to send us a request to develop a workshop or training event for your group.

Once you have successfully completed a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), you will be able to book a Physiology and/or Biomechanical Assessment or send us a request to develop a workshop or training event for you as an individual or your team/organisation. Arranged hourly, or on a half day/full day basis.


Our Workshops page provides more information regarding our specialist knowledge and links to our staff profiles and is likely to be useful when deciding the type of workshop you would like to arrange.

Andy Palmer

December 2018



Massive thanks to the team at NTU Biomechanics lab for rekindling my faith in one day being a runner. What can only be called the ultimate in gait test.

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