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About the programme

A personalised and tailored range of testing and consultancy services to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals.

What to expect

You will be required to provide us with some information on your health and fitness by completing a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and a health screen form.

If you have or have had any serious health conditions, you will be asked to provide further information. You may be asked to consult a doctor or physician before accessing this service. 

Once you have completed both questionnaires and no serious health conditions have been detected, you will be able to access the

Physiology and Biomechanical Assessments.

You will discuss the report that is generated by our systems with one of our specialists who will advise the best type of assessment for you. These workshops can be booked by the hour, half day or full day.
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Our Specialists

The team consists of Biomechanists (assessing human movement and the forces acting on the body), Physiologists (Investigating human physiology, such as the cardio-respiratory systems and nutrition), Psychologists (understanding the way we think, learn and behave), coaching scientists (developing an understanding of the best ways of training, educating and developing others) and Sociologists (studying how people interact with each-other or behave within their environment).


Our specialisms in the field of Sport and Exercise Science can be explored further by reading through our workshops lists under each subheading. Here you will find a list of the specialist topics we research and teach.

Meet our team

Meet our friendly team of specialists.


Dr Caroline Sunderland

Andy Palmer

December 2018



Massive thanks to the team at NTU Biomechanics lab for rekindling my faith in one day being a runner. What can only be called the ultimate in gait test.

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